Social Responsibility Through Environmental Sustainability

Engineered with our environment in mind

We firmly believe that a good partner stands for something besides profits. That’s why we have a continuous leadership commitment to environmentally-friendly initiatives that deliver new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. We are continually finding ways to be more green and to partner with our customers on their green journey.

By integrating environmental considerations into our corporate culture, we will achieve our goal to provide a healthier, more earth-friendly environment for our employees, our customers and our community.


Ask us about your green options for your next retail project

At Unified Resources, we are continually finding ways to be more green and to partner with our customers on their green journey.

There are a number of simple ways that Unified Resources can help you move towards a more greener footprint in-store and out.

UV inks and hybrid UV inks

UV inks and hybrid UV inks

Post-consumer recycled paper and corrugatedPost-consumer recycled paper and corrugated

Biodegradable polystyrenes

Biodegradable polystyrenes

Retail displays made from recycled materialsRetail displays made from recycled materials

Recycled and recyclable plastics

Recycled and recyclable plastics

Green alternatives for store decor and fixturesGreen alternatives for store decor and fixtures

Our use of steel, one of the greenest, most recyclable materials available in the design and implementation of permanent display programs, is one key to our sustainability. But in the past 5 years, we have also reduced our consumption of electricity and our natural gas usage through innovative green practices with the move into our new larger location, we addressed our own energy usage and made the change to high-efficiency LED lighting through our plant.



Measuring Our Dedication To A Greener And Cleaner Industry

As part of Wal-Mart’s continuing efforts to address its environmental footprint, the company announced a goal to reduce packaging across its global supply chain, helping Wal-Mart and its suppliers improve displays and packaging while conserving resources.

In response to Walmart’s Sustainability Initiative, Unified Resources began quarterly reporting to measure metrics for their supplier scorecard.

sustainability Corporate Environmental Policy


Unified Resources Move To Solar Energy

Unified Resources follows a corporate policy to ensure its business practices help to preserve the environment and promote sustainability. Unified Resources wanted a clean, emission-free, and renewable energy solution to generate reliable and cost-efficient power. With two large, unused commercial rooftops available, adding solar installations presented the perfect opportunity for Unified Resources to reduce our energy costs and environmental impact.

These solar installations will help Unified Resources reduce carbon dioxide emissions and contribute energy back to the grid. The roof systems additionally provide thermal insulation for the buildings that reduce heating and cooling costs. By protecting the roof surface from harmful, UV-ray degradation, the solar installations also help to extend the life of the roof.


Unified Resources Commitment to Biodiesel Fuels

Most of the trucks, buses, and tractors in the United States use diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is a nonrenewable fuel made from petroleum. Using biodiesel fuel produces less pollution than using petroleum diesel fuel. Any vehicle that operates on diesel fuel can use biodiesel.

Unified Resources commitment to providing a green supply chain includes tapping into biodiesel fuel for shipping. The fuel efficiency benefits, using even a modest 5% blend of biodiesel in our shipping fleet, far outweigh diesel fuel. Plus, we’ve experienced real savings in reduced maintenance costs allowing us to bring our creative products to customers in a smarter, cleaner, and cheaper manner.

sustainability Corporate Environmental Policy


At Unified Resources, we are partnered with the world’s greatest companies to provide the best in merchandising solutions. We’ve built our reputation through the development of long-term relationships and by consistently providing our customers with innovative solutions and award-winning product displays.