Unified Resources Corporate Environmental Policy

Sustainability and protecting the environment are priorities at Unified Resources.

Our approach to protecting the environment is to set goals to address the environmentally significant impacts from our products and business operations. Our most material environmental issues are energy and greenhouse gases, managing our operations and implementing economic principles to conserve the Earth’s resources.

We use our Green Initiatives to detail our environmental policies and derive our continuous improvement in our business processes, products, and services to address environmental impacts.

Unified Resources is Committed to the Following:

Operate our business in a manner that reduces our impacts on the environment, prevents pollution, and protects the environment and resources.

Manage the life cycle of our products, solutions, and services in an environmentally responsible manner.

Maintain full compliance with the applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other obligations. We require this same compliance of our business partners and contractors.

Continue to evaluate and review the impact of our business on the environment, set goals to reduce these impacts, and measure our progress.

Continually improve our sustainability and environmental performance.

Unified Resources Green Initiatives

The ownership of Unified Merchandising LLC d/b/a Unified Resources in Display strongly believes in doing its part to make the Company, its employees, and its environment healthier, cleaner, more energy efficient, reduce our carbon footprint, recycle, and lead the way to a “greener world”. To achieve these objectives, the Management team led by its CEO and President, have instituted the following Green Initiatives company wide.


At Unified Resources, we are partnered with the world’s greatest companies to provide the best in merchandising solutions. We’ve built our reputation through the development of long-term relationships and by consistently providing our customers with innovative solutions and award-winning product displays.