Pure Leaf Hibiscus Stand


Pure Leaf Hibiscus display presents a small footprint, 12”w x 20”d x 71”h, making it a very accommodating for various placements throughout the store. The design utilizes a small footprint, bold branding, and effective product placement to entice impulse purchases.

The branded display was constructed with, black powder coated sheet metal, MDF panels and wire materials. The high contrast color of the shelving is complemented by black side panels with changeable graphic inserts with lug-on colorful flower elements consistent with Pure Leaf branding. The layered flowers and three headers all support create strong product line extension branding to engage the customer for impulse purchases.

The overall display design reflects the main brand principals, simple & sophisticated, refreshingly transparent, passion & matter and celebrate our origins. To provide the best product presentation, the angled shelving uses a wire retainer, divider system and allows for self-facing 14oz-64oz product bottles. Metal glides allow the display to be easily moved to various locations.


Pure Leaf requested a branded display for Pure Leaf Hibiscus Brand line extension intended for the retail market including, supermarkets and big box centers. They wanted a flexible display that could adapt to Line Extensions and for mix of product SKU’s from 14oz-64oz. The display needed to have a compact footprint to be placed in many locations in a store, cost effective and have strong brand features.


The Pure Leaf Hibiscus display met all client goals and had a very successful retail launch. Over 2500 Pure Leaf displays were produced for a major national rollout. The unit was placed in various locations in many supermarket, big box retailers and liquor stores like ShopRite, Winn-Dixie, Stop ’n Shop, Walmart, Publix, Kroger and many other US chains.

The Pure Leaf display is engineered with durable construction methods, smart materials, and product is presented in a manner that increased impulse purchases.

The display footprint, being only 12” wide, proved to achieve retailer need for desired cross merchandising placement. The Pure Leaf Hibiscus display is a highly flexible that features bold branding elements and accommodates a wide mix of Pure Leaf product SKU’s.