PEPSI Generation Stand


Pepsi has created memorable moments across generations that have shaped culture and still generates interest from consumers today.

The “Pepsi Generations” campaign celebrates the best moments of Pepsi’s past, creates new iconic moments for today and sets the stage for an exciting future, allowing Pepsi to be the choice for decades to come.

The campaign comes to life at the point of purchase with the limited-time introduction of retro packaging as well as the return of the Pepsi Stuff loyalty program. Pepsi needed a display program that kept the creative initiative as the foremost goal, making sure the other required elements would work with the Big Bold Blue design, rather than the other way around.


Aligning marketing strategies with emotion has already proven to be successful, but tapping into fond memories can be an invaluable tactic, especially for engaging millennials.  Smart brands like Pepsi are engaging through retro roots — nostalgia marketing.

The display program commands the attention of the shopper with its visual presence and nostalgic vibe. The retro display design, packaging, and signage connect with the shopper on a deep level reminding them of a simpler time when folks could share an ice-cold Pepsi. The display and shroud evoked some of the brands strongest nostalgic iconography and allowed Pepsi to convey the roll-out of limited packaging, assortment sizes, and the introduction of the Pepsi Stuff Loyalty Program.


The CSD category declined 1.3% by volume in the US in 2017. Despite expanding into healthier options, such as water and snacks, PepsiCo doubled down on soda by committing to a large investment in trademark media and marketing.

To measure ROI PepsiCo judges itself by four metrics

  • Are we bringing in more buyers?
  • Are we increasing our conversion rate?
  • Are we increasing our shopping incidence?
  • Are we increasing the items and dollars?

The flexibility of the structural components and the ease of replenishing product increased retailer buy-in and placement for this program helping PepsiCo move the needle in all four areas. As a result, revenue for beverages in North America performed 2 percent better than in the same period last year.