Gatorade Small Footprint Display


Gatorade requested a small footprint display that could work in all retail supermarket channels to promote their core product. A main in-store goal for the display was gaining attention of a customer to grow impulse sales and promote the core brand ethos like, confident, youthful, modern and passionate. The solution needed features like, promote the iconic brand, flexible and mobile for store placement and ability to change out graphics. The display also needed to be cost effective and maximize product pack out in a small space.


The Gatorade Small Footprint display presents all the features of a full size display in a compact 14”w x 14”d x 60”h configuration.

With such compact dimensions, this makes it a very nimble unit to be placed as a sidekick, in aisle, in-front of energy bar products or featured in beverage department. The design utilizes bent tubing energized lightning bolt, with high-contrast changeable graphics. Sheet metal and wire constructed shelving, include a dual-track shelf front channel with changeable graphics and large center brand header. All metal elements are black powder coated finish and the tubing base has locking caters for mobility. 

The overall profile of this display clearly delivers the highly recognized Gatorade lightning bolt brand statement to entice impulse purchases. The black, white and orange color palette is the “soul of the brand”, which can be viewed from any side of this display.


The Gatorade display footprint proved to achieve retailer needs for placement in retailer non-traditional locations, as well as, standard display placement, and was placed next to adjacent products like energy bars. The Gatorade Small Footprint display is a highly flexible unit that features bold branding promoting one of the worlds most iconic brands. The display is engineered with smart materials, durable construction methods and the product is presented in a manner to be the hero of the display. 

The Gatorade Small Footprint display met all client goals and had a very successful launch with over 750 displays produced. The display was placed in various nationwide big box retailers, specialty stores like Rite Aid, Walmart, Publix, ShopRite, Kroger and Stop ‘n Shop.