Mountain Dew Game Fuel Cooler


A well-crafted design was executed to incorporate an upright cooler, combined with a powder coated metal and a formed plastic surround combined with very vibrant illumination and branding to achieve the clients’ goal. The constant pulsing of illumination supports Mountain Dews Game Fuel main brand tenants, “Always Moving” and “Bright, Captivating & Refreshing”. The bull-nosed profile one-piece front bezel and side illuminated panels make use a glow of LED lighting and cycle through four different colors to draw attention to the display and echo the feel of electronic gaming. The full surround front bezel, is made of translucent high impact plastic, allowing for even illumination and draws consumer’s attention to chilled product in cooler as well as, bulk product in lower shelving.

The large illuminated side panels help draw attention to display from multiple directions and reinforce the Game Fuel Brand and logo. The elevated cooler has adjustable wire shelving, interior LED lighting and the display unit was designed with safety in mind to eliminate any tipping.


Pepsi wanted to promote the brand, Mountain Dew Game Fuel at retail and make a stronger connection with its targeted customers. The main in-store goal was gaining attention customers and supplying cold product in key aisle placements in the store and non-traditional locations in the electronic department close to the gaming products. The solution needed to be impactful, nimble, cost effective and build brand awareness.


The Game Fuel Cooler footprint proved to be nimble and met the retailer need for targeted store placement in non-traditional locations like, adjacent to gaming gear in Walmart’s electronics department. Research shows that over 60% of consumers in the trip/mission for a beverage, want a cold beverage. The Game Fuel Display gained placement in electronic departments, power aisles and front-end aisles. The bold branding and unique illumination feature, along with the chilled product, engaged the targeted customer that resulted in an increase of impulse purchases.

The Game Fuel Cooler had a very successful launch with over 200 displays produced. The cooler was placed in many supermarkets and big box retailers like Walmart, ShopRite, Kroger and Stop ‘n Shop.