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Rethink What Exists. Make Way For What’s Next.

Tomorrow isn’t on a one-year timeline, waiting to be perfectly crafted and unboxed, fully formed. What’s next is now; it’s about living in a state of “Think it. Build it. Ship it. Again.” You need a new way of doing, a way of working that consistently creates value. The Brand Experience Lab, a Unified Resources Company, is a community of makers. We are constantly creating, re-thinking, and tinkering.


Our mission is to foster products that innovate the face of retail and consumer goods fulfillment in a rapidly changing marketplace using design thinking as a key driving process.


The Brand Experience Lab, a Unified Resources Company vision is to be at the forefront of change, disrupting the conventional system of supply chain, promoting the best experience for shoppers and producers, and creating an ecosystem that matches partners for success.

Delivering Upon One Brand, One Experience

Explore The Possible, Deliver The Practical

Even though the retail world still dwarfs e-commerce in size it will be more and more influenced by software and great design. The old bricks vs. clicks question isn’t relevant anymore. Customers want a single, well-designed experience for the products they use and the shops they visit, both online and offline. The facts speak for themselves:

  • 71 percent of consumers want access to in-store inventory when shopping online
  • 50 percent of consumers expect to buy online and pick up in-store
  • Nearly 50 percent of in-store retail sales are influenced or start online, representing nearly $2 trillion in commerce

An omnichannel, ubiquitous, and well-designed experience is the new norm.  Customers expect a common, branded, and engaging experience, everywhere. The new rule is: one brand, one experience.

The Brand Experience Lab is committed to exploring, developing, and deploying the products, technologies, and services that will deliver the one brand, one experience of tomorrow to shoppers today.



The ability to identify the consumers demographic to provide appropriate content and metrics.



We’ve assembled a great team ready to execute your VR/AR programs.


We develop all types unique retail software, including: ERP systems, POS applications, and back office software.


Choose who can hear your audio message and where. Deliver your messaging in a large environment to a specific selected controlled space.


Explore how we can implement robotic technology to improve everything from inventory management to the customer experience.


Complete marketing services such as coupons, promotions, advertising, loyalty schemes and much more that help you become a well recognized brand.


Replace stagnant print adds with dynamic messaging providing advanced speed to market capabilities.


Technologies and capabilities to provide consumer insights at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional market research focus group.

Explore The Future of Retail, Today

Let Unified Resources Be Your Guide to the Future of Retail

The Brand Experience Lab will listen to you and the data to understand the unmet needs and desires, and see beyond improvement to revolution. We’ll help you create the value that defines your business and changes the industry. Our Brand Experience Lab is one of the most complete sources for strategic ideation and new technologies. With our unique background in both branding and new technologies, we can help determine the best way to create the right experience for your brand. In addition, we have an extensive depth of creative resources, from designers to architects and interactive experts, to bring diverse thinking to our projects.


At Unified Resources, we are partnered with the world’s greatest companies to provide the best in merchandising solutions. We’ve built our reputation through the development of long-term relationships and by consistently providing our customers with innovative solutions and award-winning product displays.

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