Citizen requested a unique watch display case for the Citizen Promaster product line. The in-store display needed to make a big statement and surround the product that “customers must have and retailers will display”. The Promaster Watch display case needed to make strong connection with its targeted customers. The watch case was not only a display but was given to each customer who purchased a Promaster Watch. The main in-store goal was, gaining attention of a customer of the Promaster (product) line. The display size needed to accommodate the various watch retailers’ environments, in order for them for placement in prominent areas. The solution needed to have integrity and support Citizen brand guidelines.


The Citizen Promaster Watch Display presents a retailer and customer with a miniature scuba tank “inspired” unit that has a very detailed top valve assembly, scuba tank themed shell and precision collapsing feature that conceals and unveils the watch in a very unique presentation.

The injected molded plastic unit emulates an actual scuba tank with satin silver shell, chrome finish, machined metal valve, that reflects the highly functional and detailed Citizen Promaster Sport Watches.

The display Embodies the spirit of the customers’ adventure and of the Promaster Sea Watches brand attributes, of functionality, durability and safety.

The watch foam holder rests in a rubber cavity in the display and matches the watch strap construction. The small footprint dimensions of 4”dia. x 9”h, allows the unit to be placed in many locations throughout the store. The display proudly utilizes a branded logomark on the tank shell.


The Promaster Watch Display Case was designed and produced with flawless execution and with great attention to detail to meet the clients’ high expectations. The overall display theme supports the Promaster Sea Watch brand attributes, of functionality, durability and safety.

The display footprint met retailer needs for targeted store placement. The use durable injected molded plastic and rubber construction allows for in-store handling by store associates and for the customer to proudly display at home. The use of the highly recognized scuba diver theme, provided a unique product presentation to drive impulse purchases and met the Citizen brand loyal customer expectations. Over 140,000 displays/watch cases were produced for the US, Canada, Asia and European retailers that sell the Citizen Promaster product line.

Date: March 18, 2019